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Monday, January 16, 2012

Selection of the right place for amal-e-jinnat

Assalam oalaikum,
Selecting the right place for performing amal-e-jinn is very important. This amal cannot be done in any place which the amil feels like. If an amil finds the best-suited place for the chilla then he can be rest assured that there are 70% chances of his completing the chilla successfully.
A few factors need to be taken into account before choosing the right place. When an amil performs the amal, the jinnat start thronging that place. In such a case, if the amil has chosen his own house to perform the amal then his family members will become susceptible to attacks from the jinnat. This is because they are not protected by any hissar like the amil. The jinnat can even take their lives. So it is of utmost importance that the amil should choose a place that is secluded. If possible, then perform the chilla in a forest area that is usually uninhabited. Another sensible option would be to perform the chilla in a deserted house that has no visitors. The jinnat also prefer isolated places. Hence, they will not come to the amil if the chilla is being done in a place with lots of hullabaloo.
Huge palatial mansions that are found in rural areas are ideally suited for this work. Or else, a house can be rented which is on the ground floor.

In a nutshell, since the jinnat are quite unpredictable and dangerous so it is wise to isolate oneself from one’s family and other people to ensure their safety. This calls for a separate house to live in. Since the jinnat do not like crowded places, so the amil should choose a place that is desolate and vacant.

Amel soname contact

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Anonymous said...

can you get intouch with me please?

Hafiz said...

Assalamoalakum. My name is Hafiz . I want to become a AAMIL of SURAH JIN, I read your post in which you tell about Surah JIn AAMIL.
So, I request you permission me to become the Surah JIN AAMIL..and tell me kis din se kis din tak amal ko parhna hai. wahan pr aip ne tuesday,wednesday,
thursday, roza rakhne ka kaha hai aur amal start krne kalye Thursday ko likha hai. So, kindly you tell me complete knowledge about the Surah Jin. I pray for you
in this World and next World

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