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Monday, January 16, 2012

Rules regarding the use of bed and other utility items

Assalam oakailum,
The amil has to ensure that during the amal nobody else sleeps on his bed.
The amil should not share the incidences that take place during the amal, with anyone besides his teacher.
The amil should keep his utensils in a separate place so that nobody else uses them. When a person touches any item, his or her vibrations pass onto that item. Hence, an amil should avoid touching any such item that has been touched by someone else. Likewise, he should keep his own daily-use items away from others.
He should avoid eating left-over (jhoota) food.
Before starting the amal a new mattress and bed sheet should be used. Sometimes, during wet dreams men ejaculate while sleeping. Or else, infants can also pass urine on the bed. So in order to ascertain that the bed is absolutely clean, a new mattress and bed-sheet should be used.
The bed should be kept clean throughout the amal.

These rules help in fortifying the amal and they protect the amil also.

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