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Monday, January 16, 2012

the hierarchy of jinnat

Assalam oalaikum,
Since the jinnat have been created to worship and obey Allah so the ones who rebel rebel against Allah are amongst the shayateen or satans. On the basis of their creation, the human beings have intellect because their earth element holds them back and restrains them whereas their water element makes them supple and easy. However, this is not so in the case of jinnat . The jinnat do not possess these qualities and they have a tendency to stray from the path of righteousness because of the frivolous nature of their intellect and lack of firmness of thought.
The shaitan jinnat that try to harm human beings are divided into 70 sects. Each sect has 70,000 clans which in turn have 70,000 individual jinnat. Their number is so great that if a needle is thrown down from the sky then it will be literally stopped by their heads from falling onto the ground.
From my own experience as an amil I can tell you assuredly that if any black magic practitioner has brought the king of the jinnat under his control than this means that the magician may get access to 40,000-70,000 jinnat. This is because the king of jinnat has 40,000-70,000 jinnat who are subservient to him.
I have first-hand information about their number because I have defeated several kings of jinnat. The magician has to bring the king of jinnat under his control somehow. After this they both enter into an agreement according to which the magician can get a huge number of jinnat to help him carry out his evil tasks. In lieu of this help the magician has to fulfill some conditions of the king of jinnat.
The kingship of jinnat has been mentioned in the Quran

34 She said: "Kings, when they enter a country, despoil it, and make the noblest of its people its meanest thus do they behave.

surah namal verse no 34

If the magician manages to bring the sardar of jinnat under his control then he may get access to 800-1600 million jinnat. The sardar has a very huge army of jinnat at his command. I have killed the sardar of jinnat so I have a fair idea about the massive army he has under his control. The magician has to make a deal with the sardar of jinnat as well. The sardar provides the magician with some sifli jinnat to help him carry out his evil missions. In return, the sardar is appeased by the magician by satisfying his lust by offering his wife, sisters etc. before the sardar.
There is a mention of the sardar of jinnat in the Holy Quran.

123 Thus have We placed leaders in every town, its wicked men, to plot (and burrow) therein: but they only plot against their own souls, and they perceive it not.

surah al anaam verse no 123
If the magician has brought a big group of satanic jinnat under his control then it means that he may have an unlimited number of sifli jinnat or satans at his command. There is a great unity amongst the satanic jinnat that exist in the cosmos. The bond is so strong that if need arises, then the satans can even sacrifice their life to help out each other. The leader of the satans is called the hakim. Very dangerous types of satans can be found in such groups including those who do sorcery 24/7 and who have complete knowledge of sorcery (amil-kamil jinnat).
These satans get very pleased with two things- creating misunderstandings amongst husband and wife and having sex with women. When the magician orders them to bring about separation between husband and wife or to have sex with a women then they readily carry out his orders. If suppose a girl has sex with a boy and then she asks for some favor in return then it is quite obvious that the boy will never refuse. Similarly when the magicians offer their own wives, mothers etc before the satans for sex then the satans get appeased and readily carry out the orders of the magicians.
Such groups of satans is huge and dangerous and when an amil tries to defeat them they go on fighting with the amil for very long. It may take 1-12 years for an amil to kill their entire group. The satanic groups have been mentioned in the Quran.

128 One day will He gather them all together, (and say): "O ye assembly of Jinns! Much (toll) did ye take of men." Their friends amongst men will say: "Our Lord! we made profit from each other: but (alas!) we reached our term - which thou didst appoint for us." He will say: "The Fire be your dwelling-place: you will dwell therein for ever, except as Allah willeth." for thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge.

surah al anaam verse no 128

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Anonymous said...

Mashallah you have given good knowledge.

hayder said...

Asalam o alikum I have read your blog about capturing jin. Im fully on the deen and sometimes people come to me for help however I dont have anything to help them. By doing the 40 days complete will I have to keep on reading? And if I dont read will the Jin turn against me? Were abouts do you live aswell because im looking for a teacher in this path. Jazakallah

Anonymous said...

i just read about you on the net, sir i did a lot of amalyath for getting jinath( jinath se dosti karne ka amal) but get nothing in any one, i am doing this for about 2 years practically and continuously, i did for the first time amal from sura al baqara for 40 days, then again for 40 days, then i started amal of ayathul qursi for 40 days, then for 21 days, then i was suggested to start from sura yasin, i did it then i started sura jin. after long time i started for humazad amalyath but couldn't find anything in hand, sir i can feel them that they are with me but not yet seen to me,
sir, i am a true Muslim and i did all the way of piety for the amal but couldn't success, sir kind request you to give some thing to start the jinath amal with our permission in short time, i will be your true student for the rest of my life.

haya said...

hello.. hope you are doing great
its just i read your post on powers that jinnat have and i really liked it
so i was wondering what kind of power does the DEVIL have? if you could tell know like how fast if he move or travel and i guess u can explain better..
okay, waiting for your reply.. thanks.

sharmila said...

Salaam, i read your blog you posted the article 'the incidences that take place during the amal' 2 years ago.
i wanted to know, what happens to that person after he completes the amal successfully, physically and mentally and spiritually, will he be able to lead a normal life or he will keep seeing things things forever,
and is there a way to just politely ask the king or shah jinnat for a simple favor without trying to control anyone?
and can a woman do this amal? because i have heard about alot of women who have jinnat in their control?
It would be very helpful if you could answer all my questions thoroughly.. Thank you for your time, God Bless.

hussain said...

My name is hussain .i am from india and would like to know more about ur experience in calling a jinn and the conversation between you and him etc......
Would like to have a reserch on u have any jinn in contact with you.
I would like to talk to a good jinn about islam and more about the unseen subject would you please help me out to figure it out and that would be more appreciable.and would like to contact u
Thinks you will not leave me.

warda said...

Asalaamu Alaikum

my name is Warda, I read your blog and I want to know that is it possible that you help me with any kind of amal which cause me get jinn or moakil.…….???

and if that is so then what is your charges for that?

can you give the guaranty of the amal?

last question is that can I see or talk any of your jinn or moakils,

thanks JazakAllah

Seidu Jibrin said...

Assalamu alaikum,thank you for the good job.i will contact you soonest via ur e-mail

Anonymous said...

I read up on something you wrote about controlling a jinn ?

sameer said...

assalamualikum . thanks for ur reply ,

i was searching about jinn and found ur
web site .

The thing is i need all info about jinn and how they are being use in
rituals and is that true that a man can capture a jinn

saad said...

im saad from pune. i am srious about capturing a jinn as i want to help people who are in need and are suffering from various spiritual problems. but pls can i contact you and seek for thy guidence. pls try to understand as i want to take up this line for two reasons
1)i want to help the needy
2)i am poor in other feilds of world.
pls guide and help me
waiting for your kind and positive reply.
also pls tell me how can i contact you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel,
will there be any easy method to bring an islam jinn and keep it in
contact at all time?


zakir said...

Janab i want to control jinn plz give me direction how can i do that
Allah Hafiz

Anonymous said...

salam I was interested in the jin world once and the dead people talking to them because of the movies that I saw about talking to ghosts so I said some words to them and then when I was sleeping the came and punching my face and shouting at them it was so scary I was crying every day haaaaaa guess what the ware non Muslim jin and I am still interested in them good Muslim jin because of when I am eating my food and I love it and come back I know that a Muslim jin is eating my food and I am very happy to share food and my house with them And I want to be their brother in Islam Inshallah I would like to talk to a jinn

Anonymous said...

sir i have great liking for jinnat etc, to make friendship with them. i have tried different aamil to pay them in my teen age, but it was my foolishness. anyhow i have wanna to ensure u my ernestness for these things. so i want a good amil support to help me in this deed. i will be very thankful of u sir

Anonymous said...

the other thing is that, that i want to live happy life, i have no interest in any function etc so i want to led pure life, someone that lead me, guide me and help me becoz i dnt trust people. mostly i do trust on people and they hurt me, most people tried to hurt me by using didderent tricks, i want to escape these like people, and want a good guider to guide me on every stage of my life. if u give me ur contact...

Anish said...

I need your kind help to get a djinn to achieve all my wishes.
Can you help me with that ?
Thanks and waiting for your reply.

ALTAAF said...

Assalamu alykum
I m ALTAAF I want to capture a jin .. I have positive thinking ... The injustices of India on Kashmir's is not tolerance .. Sir if you come contact with me ... Then I will tell you entirely

fathima said...

im fathima i need to control a jinn for the intention of passing my exams and to please my parents.. i am a girl so im little scared of jinns because some people say that they do not leave once we get our need fulfilled but stay with us and misuse us. so i humbly request you to guide me..
another important thing i have read your articles i got to know about the dreams of naked women,relatives getting killed..etc..
then i remembered such dreams i once got when i went to stay for rent to a muslim friends house which was empty and people left to abroad .i have heard that jinns stay in empty houses and they haunt i got so scared of such dreams so i never went back to that house.
after such an incident now will i be able to control a jinn?just because i got scared once wont i be able to control a jinn now?
or can u control one good jinn and send it to me, is it possible?
please help me..
hoping for a good respones
in sha allah

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