Monday, January 16, 2012

Faith and hard work play a crucial role in amalayat.

Assalam oalaikum,
Before taking the plunge into the field of amalyaat one should realize that it entails a lot of hard work and perseverance. Initially an amil may have to suffer many set backs and failures. However, as every dark cloud has a silver lining so for all steadfast amils, success follows suit.
For an amil, his work is not just an aspect of his life but his work engulfs his entire life. This is because an amil has to mould his entire life according to the demands of the amalyaat. Although every field has certain requirements but amalyat has much tougher ones. This is the reason why amils are very few as compared to other professional.
Many people dabble in this field for some time and then give up. Only those people can succeed as an amil who have complete faith in Allah and who make up their minds that they will do amals only with the help of the Quran and within the framework of Islam.
Besides this, it is also important to recite Durud shareef before and after an amal and pray to Allah humbly to make the amal successful. This work entails lots of patience too because often the jinnat do not appear before the amil at any cost or no unusual incidence takes place. This may happen if the amil makes some mistakes during the amal or else the jinnat may also do these tricks so that the amil loses his patience and gives up. Hence, as I have mentioned before, the aspiring amils should weigh the pros and cons of this field before taking the leap.
Last but not the least the faith of the amil should be unwavering too. This is because if an amil is performing the amal with the help of a Quranic verse but he does not have any faith in the verse, so the strength of his amal will dwindle.
Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname

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