Monday, January 16, 2012

the appropriate attire for an amil

Assalam oalaikum,
The clothing during an amal depends on the kind of amal that is being performed. For example: the amil is instructed by his teacher to wear body-fitted garments during amal-humzad as this ascertains that the humzad is clearly visible on the wall.
If there is no such restriction about the clothes then it is advisable to wear white kurta-shalwar. Wearing white color is beneficial in two ways: firstly, it is the color of the sufi saints and secondly, white color enhances one’s spirituality and wards off negative energies.
In certain amals it is compulsory to wear an ahram. If the amal has this requirement then make sure that the ahram does not have even a single stitch on it.
These minute details should be kept in mind by an amil to make his amal successful.
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Amel Soname

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