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Monday, January 16, 2012

the incidences that take place during the amal

Assalam oalaikum,
The incidences that take place during the amal-e-jinnat may differ from case to case. However, I shall try to give my readers a general idea of what one should expect to happen.
If the amal is to bring the King of the jinnat under control then the jinnat under his command may start appearing. They will never try to break into the hissar because they know for sure that if they do so then they may get burnt to ashes. As the days progress the amil will have strange experiences. In the final stage of completion of the amal the amil needs to be extremely cautious and fearless. This is the time when the jinnat try their level best to disrupt the amal so that they do not lose their liberty. The amil may be shown scary visions of thunder, lightening, water gushing forth etc. However, the amil needs to understand that such images are just illusions and not real at all. They are shown to him so that he may lose courage and give up. On the day of completion of the amal, i.e. the 40th day. The amil will see a field in which a ga cleaning the field with a broom. Then the amil will see a servant spreading out a carpet and keeping chairs on it. Amongst the chairs will be a beautif rdener may be seen sprinkling water and the garbage man may be seen ul, stone-studded couch, which the amil may have never seen before. The jinnat will start appearing on the scene and will sit down on the chairs. Soon after this a young, handsome man will come and take a special seat. He will be the wazir. Next, the King will make an appearance. He will be escorted with his aides-jinnat. He has a formidable personality and will be wearing an expensive gown and ornaments. Besides his ostentatious attire he can also be recognized instantly because of his crown. The wazir will immediately come forth to welcome him. The remaining jinnat will also stand up as a mark of reverence for the king. The king will sit on the beautifully carved, gems-studded couch. The rest of the jinnat will also take seat after him. At this moment the couch of the king will be diametrically opposite to the amil. The king or shah jinnat will offer salam to the amil. If the amil has completed the amal then he can reply to the shah jinnat. However, if his amal is still incomplete then in such a state he should bend down on his knees and reply to the shah jinnat only with a gesture. Once the amal has been completed then the amil can reply properly with a walekum assalam. The shah jinnat will then enquire, “Oh, son of Adam, why has thou called upon me”? The amil should humbly reply, “Oh shah jinnat! Here’s a hearty welcome to you. Thanks a lot for coming. I make an earnest appeal to you to help me with all my worldly tasks. Kindly help me in dealing with the vagaries of life and also with my friends and foes. I would be highly obliged if you appoint a few of your jinnat to help me when the need arises. I would also like to know an easy way by which I can have the pleasure of seeing you. The shah jinnat will comply with the amil. This is a crucial time when the amil has to sweet talk the shah jinnat to hook him forever. Since everybody craves for respect so the amil should talk to the jinnat very politely and courteously. Once the shah jinnat gets appeased he will accede to the amils demands. He will appoint a few jinnat at the amil’s duty 24/7. He will also tell the amil about some easy way by which he can be summoned. However, it would not deem proper if the amil summons an eminent person such as the shah jinnat every now and then. By doing so the amil will lose importance in the eyes of the shah jinnat. Hence, it is advisable to call him only once in a year.
Sometimes there may be different series of happenings during the amal. The amil may get unusual types of visitors. At times, some people may come up to him and enquire that, “Oh son of Adam! What is it that you need from us? Why hasth thou called us”? Sometimes a hen may appear out of nowhere and sit besides the amil and then perch on his head. Sometimes a durwaish (mendicant priest) may approach the amil and ask him that, “Oh son of Adam! Why have you called upon me”? As the amal progresses and days pass by the amil may get more and more visitors. For example, in the 40-day amal, the amil may see horrifying sights of jinnat, demons, and men on the 27th day. All of them may repeat the same question. They will try to entice the amil by saying that, “Get up and come out of this hissar. We will grant any wish of yours. If you want wealth we will give it to you, if any enemy of yours is getting on your nerves we will kill him, if you are bewitched by a girl and want her to fall in love with you then we will do this also. In order to take the amil for a ride they will start taking false vows. The concluding day of the chilla will be quite frantic. Strange incidences may take place throughout the day. The amil will see horse-riders. The unusual incidences will go on till night. Finally the amil will see a Sultan/King riding a lion along with an army of 30,000 jinnat. The sultan will come face to face with the amil and greet him with a salam. If the amal has been completed then the amil can reply to him. Otherwise he should just reply with a gesture. On completion of the amal the amil can reply him properly with a walaikum assalam. Then the same procedure is repeated as I have mentioned in the case of the shah jinnat. The amil has to deal tactfully and talk to the sultan politely. During the amal, the amil has to recite some Quranic verse a particular number of times. It has to be kept in mind that unless that number is reached the amil should never talk to the shah/sultan jinnat. For example, the ustad/ teacher may instruct you to recite a particular Quranic verse 1, 25,000 times during a 40-day chilla. So every day you may have to recite it 1250 times, to complete the chilla on time. Until this target is met, the amil should not come out of the hissar and neither should he talk to anyone. The amal-e-jinnat is a powerful amal and the safety of the amil is at stake. Hence, he should strictly abide by the instructions of his ustad for completing the amal successfully and getting many powerful jinnat at his command.

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How we are supposed to know if the Amal has been completed ?

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Can the jinnat scare us without doing amal means that during day time etc...

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Any effective

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