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Monday, January 16, 2012

making the jinnat subservient with the help of Surah Jinn

In this amal the recitation of Surah Jinn is very important. The following steps should be followed to complete this amal:
Observe fast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
During these 3 days maintain jamali and jalali abstinence.
Complete Surah Jinn 1000 times during this 3-day amal, i.e. 333 times every day.
On Thursday start the recitation Of Surah Jin at such time that the amal gets over at around midnight.
After the 1000 target is met, offer two rakat nafil namaz and after the namaz read Durud shareef 11 times.
Inshallah, at this time a jin will appear who will be short and will have long hands. The jin will sit in front of the amil and will offer him salam. The amil should not be terrified by the jin or get overpowered by his formidable persona. This is the king of the momin jinnat who had brought Iman at the hands of our Dear Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). 3 people may be mounted on his back. If the amil displays courage at this critical juncture and does not get panicky then he may succeed. However, if the amil loses his courage then these jinnat will return and the amal will get nullified.
Hence, the success of the amal depends on the fearlessness of the amil. If the amil does not lose his courage then Inshallah, the shah jinnat will come under the amil’s control, once the amil has had a word with him (as I have mentioned in the previous posts).

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sahar said...

I read your post about jinns. Nice to know. It was interesting. I just wanted to know that is there any bad or good effects of name on people.
Allah Hafiz,

khalid said...

Salaam Amel Saab,

I need your help please.

I know a muslim jinn who said that he will come if I call him but it will take alot of time before I reach that stage.

Can you please let me know of any amal that I can do to progress faster and force him to come when I call him

Please let me know

Anonymous said...

Good Day Dear Sir
I want to have Jinnat under my command or control to not harm others I
mean other people but how can I get jinnat in a best way.


Asif said...


My name is Asif and i am from India, i saw your website in google and i want to know can we really control a jinn? If so i want to do this. I have little knowledge about the same, but i need more clarity on this. I heard from other that if one wants to control jinn he needs the permission from other hazarath to do so?

Please help me out in this, i wanted to use this only for noble cause and to help needy persons

Khuda Hafeez
Asif Ummer

saif said...

Ass Salam Aly Kum!

It appears you have controlled or have done this amal earlier, I would like you to please guide me more on this control.
What are the basic requirements for a human to prepare for this amal, I heard the who is willing to perform this amal should not have any cut or cut mark on their body? Is that true?
Where are you located? Is it possible to get some personal help on this?

Ranshid said...

Assalamu Alikkum brother,
i m Ranshid
for the past 4 years i am behind seeing jinnath....
the interest on jinnath came in a dream 4 yrs bak wer in dream i saw a
street magician sayin he will help me see jinnath but first i didn pay
attention but thn hapn to see that dream for 3 times so began
researching on jinnath with al interest nd untill thn had no much
knowledge abt ny amaliyath but thn i went to a darga near to it a book
stall i bought book shamsul ma ariful kubra frm then till nw purchased
many books read a lot alhamdulilah tried mant jinn amals atlst a 50
tyms tried various amals finally did chilla of surah jinn reciting for
1000 times in 3 days by following complete fast jamalu nd jalali
diet....on the last day while reciting surah jinn wer it was above 500
had sum burning sensatiob nd got sum vibes nd strange smells i got but
cudn see them yet wud u please help me befriend with jinnaths please
brother help me for the sake of Allah Swt nd his belovd nabi sws its
ma dream come true....i m ready to take ny risk to meet them nd get
them as friends......
may Allah fulfill al ur deams Ameen
Allah Hafiz.....

Haroon Mohammad said...

Assalamualikum! does this amal also require the guidence of an expert teacher.


Assalamualaikum to all ...

my name is Mohammed Irfan... I want to get Muwakkil/Jinn under my control... and to help all my muslim brothers and sisters... could any one please mail me the step by step procedure of the AMAL to get Muwakkil/Jinn....

my mail ID is MDIRFAN779@GMAIL.COM..

Anonymous said...

Respected Amil Sahib,
Assalamu Alikkum
Beloved brother its been past 4years i have been trying everything i cud to befriend with jinns but got no success
to solve ma problems and as well as to know about jinns and rooohani beings and everything which cant been seen by naked eye
i have done more than 50 jinn rituals nd have been fasting fo sum 60 days fo various jinn amals still i cudn succeed
seeing them is like ma dream come true:(

ma last jinn amal was wat i did an year before wer i recited surah jinn 1000 times secluded in a room for 3days with proper fasting
nd i even tried shaithani amal of Azazeel wer i went to grave site nd sat on a grave and recited the mantar and stabbed knife on the grave
nd then gave a bottle of alcohol kept there and it was a 3days shaithani ritual nd to tell u i was mad that time i did this to pass ma exam by the help of jinns nd to solve ma life problems
i was really mad so i gave up everything to do it nd ma result wud never be published by the time nd usually it takes a 2 weeks but fortunately masha allah
allah subhanawthala made to release ma reuslt very next day while i was preparing to go fo shaithani ritual fo the 2nd day result was driven the very minute i was to go to grave site
nd result was i failed in all subjects nd i quit the ritual nd thus allah saved me from that grave sin
i m writing all these things to say yu how mad i m to get jinn beings friendship to solve ma problems nd to see them nd to friends with them

the problems i need to solve using jinnath are
1.passing ma exams
2.getting love of a girl friends with them to know the dark side of nature making win in lottery to gain money

beloved brother i request yu to help me in this regard i m dying to see one jinnath
even ready to do hindu jinn amal bt only condition i cant do nything a grave sin like making partner to allah or nything such i love allah supreme omnitpotent like nothig
i belive in one nd only god allah nd belivs he has showerd his powers on even non muslim jinns so its tough to get muslim jinns friendship but easy to get hindu or other releigion jinns friendship thats i opt that....
please i begg u in name of allah nd his beloved to help me in this regard also since i don know hindi i request yu to kindly reply in english beloved brother

imran said...

Dear sir ,

I had visited ur sight & found intersested in becoming aamil for capturing jinn.
sir as iam new, I seek ur guidance for doing aamal.

Would u please help me & become my teacher.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir please help me to get a great Jinn under my control as you
mentioned in your website that a person should recite 1000 times 333
per day on third day at midnight it will completed tell me Sir what is
amil and tell me all info about it on third day I should set alone or
with other person please help me Sir thanks

Anonymous said...

Assala alaykum warahamtulahi wabarakata hu

My name is Hasin from Bangalore India.i found your details from your website went through many useful information which has pure islamic way & through Quran which is really appriciative.

My concern with you is i need your help for the following ilm Jinn.

I am very much interested in ilm Jinn & want one of Jinn for my personal use just to help myself as i am facing lots of ups & downs in my life financially & some people who are really needfull.

i did read the info about ilm Jinn on your website but want to know what are the do,s & dont,s as i am female with husband & children please explain me the exact details what should i do & what not & how to tackle any side effects of it.My husband is an Imam in Masjid he says its very hard & a female cant do all this when i spoke & disscussed with it so please help me as i am in lots of troubles in my life, & seriously need a help from someone like you

Infact i have a huge belief in Allah & pray 5 times of namaz & make dua
but i think i am towards getting a jinn so please help me

look forward for your reply ASAP

Anonymous said...

please tell me the process to control the jinn please

Anonymous said...

Salam Alikum,
I read your website it says that, 11 time darood shareef before and after these surah (surah jinn 7 time and surah muzammil 180 time is that right or you mean 11 time darood before surah jinnand 11 time after surh jinn then 11 time darood before surah Muzammil and 11 time darood after surah muzammil. Please let me know is there have any easy amal to bring Jinn I mean 7 time surah jinn and 180 time surah muzammil is way to long please help me if there is any easy amal

thank you/jazak Allah

Anonymous said...

asalaam walaykum.
first of all having a jinn takes lots of patiance and controle. so if you are not prepared to resite the above only means you do not have the sabr.hope you understand.may ALAAH help you and guide you inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Amel Sab.I'm M.A.Pervez from South Africa Can u tel me pls can I make this amal in masjid n if jinn come with long hand and I fell Scat den what can hapen is he gona any harm to me. Pls let me know. Thx

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Am married its been 3 yrs,my wife is with her mother for the past 6 mnths,she loves me extremely too much,bt her parents have brainwased her,m nt in touch with her at all,is it jayaz for me to go to a amil n find a way,pls help,ill go mad soon,pls advise me pls for the sake of Allah,help me get my wife back. belovedsaws@gmail.comAssalaam-O-Alaikum . Brother,

Anonymous said...

I am from Hyderabad.....i have one question..while reading surah jinnat any dangerous things we observes or not

Anonymous said...

Sir plz tell me is there any dangerous things we observes while reading surah jinnat

danish marker said...

Who has given us right to master somebdy whether human or jinn. QURAN came to free slaves not to make somebody slave. Jinns are Allah's creation and have every right to be free. And there is sahih hadith that a jin came to distract prophet during prayer. With the help of Allah our prophet pbuh took control over jin n tied him, Prophet then freed that jinn thinking dua of Suleiman A.S that Oh Allah give me kingdom that will be not ruled by anyother after me. And allah made him king of jinn world. Where are we going. Quran came as a guidance n v r using it to master Allah's creation.

Asif Muhammad said...

Assalamu Alaikum Everyone,

May Allah guide us through the right path and make us abstain from all unwanted and unnecessary action. May he grant us all Jannathul Firdous through his Mercy.

Allah is the best of creaters, and Allah is the best of planners as well. So brother/sisters understand what Allah has made visible for us is coz it should be visible for us, and what Allah has made invisible and unseen is coz he wanted it to be unseen but it just a mere element of Allah to better understand Allah's creation and guide us in the true path clarifying certain events in this life.

Prophet Suleiman had it controlled with the blessing of Allah, and even the greatest of human to walk in the face of earth did not wanted it controlled and abstained from doing it or did not encourage his worthy companions to control it.

SO THE BEST THING IS TO HAVE IT ABSTAIND... Allah is guiding us having it unseen.. Allahu Akbar...


Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum all,

May allah help you in your path..
The main thing about here is not only to control Jinns, because thery have a life like ours too.
The most important thing here is magic removal any person can have lakhs of Jinns with him but the main thing here is removing magic,, every day new type of magic is created like germs viruses,
and we are are not able to save a person from magic. The main purpose of control Jins should be to serve humanity and the evil forces ..

Like a magic called as 'Moot Marna' there are many persons who needs to be saved from this type of magic but have died beacause of no cure,,

may Allah help us against all evil magicians, magic, evil...

La ila ha illalla Muhammadurrasull Allah.

FREE TIPS said...

All of u want a jinn.if u want to make a friend then allah ko dost banawo.allah make a friends ..allah is created why u r intrested in jinn.

Anonymous said...

As Salaam u Alaikum

I just want to control a jinn , because i am having eye problem which is not having any medical treatment.
I want to solve this problem with the help of them.
Is it legitimate or not?
i need ur help in this
my ph. number is
Plz help me
Allah will give you Ajar for this

Anonymous said...

dear sir
i want to know how hindu can do the amal of jinn ?

Azra Banu said...

I am 43years old and suffering from very long time, each d every day I have some r the other problem d in every work I get loss. A few days back I came to know that it is bcoz of the jinn I am getting into trouble. But I don't believe whatever is there in our life it's going to happen. Can anyone advice me how to get rid of this problem. My email address is

Anonymous said...

Hi I want to know if we can use a jinn to cure Hunan body and also to be beautiful. Does anyone know any person who has good jinn under his control.

Anonymous said...

Hi has anyone any time used jinn power till date. Or does anyone knows a person who has a jinn under control.

adi said...

yes i know two people who have jinn under controll

Anonymous said...

Can a person possessed with a muwakkil tell him what is the age difference between the husband and wife?

Kehkashan said...

Nice post

Kehkashan said...

Nice post

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the people here who asked "how" and could not reach the result - you have to devote more time and believe in yourself more. One of the basics of all magic is to believe in what you do. Quran is a great magical book, quite possibly the best, you just have to learn how to use it. One can use also the bible for reaching goals or turn to saints. I've used both of the books and always improvised my own rituals. For example you could read for a month straight every day the gospels and then after that request "god" to put such forces to work for you, to bring you what you desire. Or.. you could read the quran for weeks every day 50-150 pages and then in the end light a candle and state your request. Tons and tons of ways how to do it. I don't myself take the books as 100% truth nor care what they say and that is completely irrelevant. The systems work regardless of what you think about them, only need to believe that you succeed and that's about it. Improvising is the keyword.

Anonymous said...

Also one method you can use to reach a lot of results is to read the entire book of psalms every day for a few weeks straight. You reach a very high energy level and your requests will be taken into consideration by higher forces much faster. I've done that and noticed very powerful results.
So one thing you can try is stay at home for a few weeks, in secluded area. Each day light a candle (normal tea candle 4 hours) and during that 4 hours read the entire book of psalms. Now after your chosen duration 7 days...10days..12days..14, after the final session light a candle and state your requests and ask for the "god" to bring your wish real. State that you have contributed so much time and effort and so on... also make sure you don't ask for anything bad to happen to anyone. Only for the good.

gul sha said...

how to control a jin

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