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Monday, January 16, 2012

how to bring jinnat under control with the help of Surah Muzammil

Assalam oalaikum,
Since this amal involves jinnat, which are made of fire, so taking certain precautions are necessary:
As mentioned in my previous pots perform this amal ONLY under a teacher’s guidance. If you do it alone then you will be responsible for any disastrous outcome.
Perform an Isteqhara to take the permission of Allah ta’ala before you start the amal.
Maintain both tark-e-jalali and jamali during the stipulated period of the amal,i.e. 40 days.
Select an isolated place.
Wear new white shalwar qameez.
Use a fragrance/ ittar.
Ignite Oud (incense) to make the place smell good.
Perform hissar as I have taught in my other posts.
Then begin the amal with full focus.
Recite Surah Muzammil after Isha namaz for 40 times, till a period of 40 days.
Remember, that you should not allow anybody to enter into the room where the amal is being performed (till 40 days).
Whenever you leave the room, after performing the amal, the room should be locked.
Do not panic on seeing any frightening vision or image during the amal because the hissar will protect you throughout.
Make up your mind that you will not come out of the hissar, no matter what. You should realize that the jinnat try to make you come out of the protection of hissar, so that they can harm you and spoil your amal. Therefore, it is essential for your safety that you do not believe in the unreal scenes shown to you. The jinnat will try every trick in the book to disrupt the amil because they do not want to lose their freedom. So they can show you spine-chilling scenes such as your near and dear ones being killed etc. You should understand their tricks and remain steadfast.
If you do not get befooled by the jinnat then on the 40th day a jinnat may appear before you.
You can bring him under your control by convincing him, as I have mentioned in my earlier posts.

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Anand said...

i want a jinn,but then i can not get any of my loved ones killed or even after i had a jinn nothing should happen to my loved ones,if i want it this way what should i do??

Anonymous said...

There are other ways f calling jinns which are not dangerous this is controlling jinn ritual.
Which a person has to say agreement that a jinn has agree with you on the last day
Which has not been said.

Azhar Khan said...

i am serious to get jinnat easy one in my control pls help me,and advice me the way to get them
azhar khan

Azhar Khan said...

how to get jinnat in control and wot is the way

Anonymous said...

i want to get control on badshah of jinn with his members
for this what to do?
i heard read sure muzzamil 160 times & sure jinn 7 times for 40 days then i can get it
is this true?
please help me
my e mail id is :
please reply me

Anonymous said...

give me short amal for capturing jinn.i m female cannto continue 40 days continously

Anonymous said...

Allaha is only one who can help,support,you.

arjun said...

my name is arjun .i need short amal for jinn hazir ,is ya lateefu wazifa is good for jinn amal,give a recitation amal for moakil vashikaran so i can get good job and get my sister married soon ,give amal for cure of sex weakness and physical weakness,strong wazifa to break bandish on job and marriage,give as example a constructed tabeez of ahtashe with alif and abi tabeez with jim. please give ilm e adawat as iwant to learn more.give notes on muslim voodoo for shifa love ,halakat.,tabahe ,adawat.i am too a devotee of allah please help me in his name ya allah just because i am hindu do not reply with no to me.i hope you shall help and allah shall bless you. .please give amal for becoming rich.

khurshid said...

Dear Amel,
I am interested in controlling Jinn. Your blogpost is very informative. I do not have an "Ustad", spiritual leader. Can you possibly be my Ustad and help me in my quest?

Anonymous said...

The jinns are discusting i hear them and speak with them all the time. they lie so much you will go crazy, Allah swt replaced these shaayaateens with humans dont trust any jinns even the muslim once some muslim jinn can be true muslim but trust me you dont want to get involved with lairs. they speak just like us some intellegent but most not intellegent at all reasoning is harm with them lol. you can see in your self having 5 to 20 or even 40 jinns in your house you have about 5 in you right now reading this comment with you no joke. go for your angel you have 3-4 angles with you everyday love control teach your angel by doing good your angels will make dua for you all the time...

Anonymous said...

Is there a good book on this subject?

Unknown said...

I would like to get a lucky jinn how can i get where i should to go pls help me am ready to stay anywhere at any time pls be a jinn oriented man to support the poor people and yatheem

Aman said...


I read your suggestion how to bring jinn under our control

May i know the possibility of making a good jinn for serving us by any dua or ayath in quaran please help

Unknown said...

can i see and talk angel? how plz guide me!I will appreciate it

Anonymous said...

why we need jinn when we have the Creator of jinn. after all we are more closer to our Creator than any other creation.

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