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Monday, January 16, 2012

The powers of jinnat

Assalam olaikum,
Allah has granted the jinnat with immense powers and an ability to move and travel quickly. Here is an incidence to prove their powers. A strong jinn had assured to the Prophet Sulaiman (Peace be upon him) that he would bring the throne of the Queen of Yemen to Jerusalem faster than the time that is needed for a man to get up from where he was sitting.
Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): “An ‘ifreet or a strong one from amongst the jinnat said: ‘I will bring it (her throne) to you before you rise from your place (council). And verily, I am indeed strong, and trustworthy for such work.’ One of the jinnat who had the knowledge of the Scripture said: ‘I shall bring it to you within the twinkling of an eye’! Finally when Sulaiman saw it placed before him, he remarked, ‘this is by the Grace of my Lord…’” (al-Naml 27:39-40). This incidence proves that the jinnat are capable of doing tasks in a matter of second. This fact is mentioned in the Quran
The jinnat have been created from air and fire. Therefore, they are invisible to us. The flame has two parts, one being zulmani (invisible) and the other is noorani (which is invisible also). The jinnat have been created from the zulmani part. In jinnat the flame has changed into a latif or fine, specific form that can take any shape.
The jinnat are of two types: zahiri and batini. The zahiri jinnat can appear before human beings. The amils can hear the footsteps as they walk about. However, the batini are invisible. The jinnat are so robust that they can lift a human being and carry him to distant lands. I shall narrate some incidences related to the strength of jinnat in my next posts.
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There are about 5 types of jinn maybe more

Aqua Depth said...

i was in 3yrs relationship with a girl, we want to get marry , our parents are also agree with us, she loves me but she dont want to marry me because she said she has jinnat possession on her since her childhood. and if she will marry me then either she will die or i will die soon after marriage. so she dont want to spoil my life or her life.
my question is:
is it possible that jinn can interefer someone married life that she cannot marry to someone?
is there any solution if we really want to marry each other?
what will be the better decision to marry her or to leave her?

Suhail Ansari said...

this is possible to make friendship with jinnat.

hira khan said...

slm sir; plz also tell me the easiest way for command on jin

Briseyda said...

Hello, good morning. How are you today?....hope you are good. My name is Briseyda, I have found you web online and I'd like to ask if you know a jinn or someone who knows a jinn so you or someone else could guide me on how to call a jinn to me. I know how know and am able to communicate with a spiritual being like angel, jinn ect but I'm not sure how to call one. I want the jinn to make me company, friendship, and some time help me. I hope you can help me I also know the consequences and I am not planning on doing bad things or hurting people with the jinn. I will be waiting for your response, thanks and have a great day.

Raveena said...

My name is Raveena. I read your article regarding to control jinn. Can you please guide me how should i do it. Or do you have any method to control jinn in just a weak? Pease guide me.
Your sincerely

Anonymous said...

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